Adhesion Promoter

Improves the adhesion of colourants to leather & vinyl


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Adhesion Promoter is a polyurethane liquid with extraordinary adhesive properties. Applied to leather or vinyl one step before the application of colourant, the product creates a flexible coating that binds to the leather surface. When the colourant is then applied, it sticks to the layer of Adhesion Promoter, rather than the leather. Adhesion Promoter (creases)

This image illustrates how the adhesion promoter (in red) has filed the creases and formed a coating bonded to the leathers surface. The application of Colourant (black), then adheres firmly to this layer.

The adhesive properties of the promoter are much greater than that of the colourant, so applying it first, will create a better bond to the leathers surface than the colourant would have on its own. In addition to helping adhere to the leather better, the adhesion promoter will also start to bind with the colourant creating a permanent merged layer, rather than one sitting on top of the other.

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250ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 500ml


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