Angelus Leather Paint Deglaser and Preparer


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Suitable For use on all Leather surfaces

Product Description

The Preparer & Deglazer was specially developed for thoroughly cleaning leather – either used or new. The removal of mud, grease and other dirt prevents the paint from cracking or breaking. It is important to take enough time for this task. Good preparation is already half the battle! The cleaner the surface, the better the leather paint adheres.

The Preparer & Deglazer removes paint layers and surface layers that have not penetrated the leather. Important: only use this product on leather and not on plastic, rubber or other materials. If you want to colour products that are not made of leather, e.g. the side edges of rubber soles, it is best to first thoroughly clean them with water and soap. The basic component of the Preparer & Deglazer is acetone. However, the combination of the different components has been specially coordinated for use on leather, combined with Angelus Leather Paint.

Apply the product with a cotton-wool pad or cloth.

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