Charcoal Grey Vinyl Spray Paint

Our new permanent Vinyl Spray Paint means you can now restore old vinyl back to its original glory quickly and easily; it can be used on all kinds of vinyl.


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Vinyl Spray Paint it is the perfect solution for renewing that piece of furniture you’ve considered replacing and is specially formulated for vinyl; it is permanent once it’s set. Important; our Vinyl Spray Paint is a two part system, you will also need to purchase the ‘Clear Vinyl Primer’ in order for the product to correctly dye your vinyl item. Once the Clear Vinyl Primer has been applied you simply spray whatever colour you want on top. As a guide, 1 CAN OF PRIMER IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY 4 CANS OF COLOUR (1 part primer to 4 parts colour). Our Simply Spray Vinyl Spray Paint is a revolutionary new form of spray paint designed to be permanent on vinyl, it will not peel or rub off once the paint has set (72 hours). Our Vinyl Spray Paint is completely non-toxic and non-flammable and does not need heat setting; it dries permanently naturally which makes it an ideal vinyl dye for use on both interior and exterior surfaces. Simply Spray Vinyl Spray Paint provides a great quality finish and is extremely durable; its UV protection ensures the colour will last much longer than any other vinyl dye. It is also very economical and affordable; for example, 1 x can will cover approximately 1.5 square meters of vinyl. Main product features:

  • Dries to touch in just 30 minutes (72 hours before use)
  • Does not rub off on clothes and is UV protected
  • Dries at room temperature – no need to heat set
  • Washes off your hands easily with soap and water
  • Fade resistant
  • Safe for children
  • Easy to use
  • No fumes or odour

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