Fake Blood Spray – Fabric Paint

drying-time Drying time

30 minutes touch dry, 72 hours washable

coverage Coverage

0.5m2 (approx)

applications Typical Applications

Clothing, cushions, seats, lampshades, bags and smaller projects…


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Simply Spray Fake Blood Spray has the same benefits as all other Simply Spray products, so is non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic and safe for children.


Bullet hole effect:
– Costume position should be vertical. Hold can steady.
– Spray blood in one spot and allow to drip, then release trigger.
Dripping blood effect:
– Costume position should be vertical.
– Spray blood slowly in a straight line, allowing blood to drip.
Blood spatter effect:
– Randomly spray blood pattern all over surface of costume.

– Put plastic or cardboard between layers of fabric to prevent blood from soaking through.
– Protect work area from overspray with tape or paper.
– Shake can well before using. Tear off safety tab.
– Hold can about 8 inches from surface of project.
– Maintain even pressure on trigger, do not pump.
– Blood will spray in a thin, steady stream.
– Let dry approximately one hour before wearing.

Not intended for use on skin:
– To remove accidental overspray from skin, wash vigorously with soap and water.
– May cause temporary staining of skin.
– May cause irritation for individuals with sensitive skin.

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