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Heavy Filler is a very flexible filler used for fixing scuffs, scratches & holes in leather. The product is mainly used on areas of high use such as seating cushions & arms to fix damage where a long lasting & durable repair is required. For areas of cracking, use the Flexfil.

Heavy Filler is a white paste, but with the addition of up to 10% Leather Colourant you can change the colour of the filler to match any colour.



A hole in leather.


Step 2.

After securing a ‘Canvas Patch’ behind the hole, it is filled with the heavy filler.

Step 3.

The layer is dried with a hair drier, and re-applied until flush with the surface.

Step 4.

The filler is sanded smooth. Colour is then applied (in dots) to mimic the grain pattern.

Step 5.

The rest of the white filler is then coloured.

Step 6.

A final coat is sponged on and the hole disappears!


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