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Flexifil has been developed to meet the requirements of heavy usage and extreme flexing on leather, such as heavily cracked seating cushions that come under constant use. An immensely elastic filler, once applied to leather it will never crack or flake out.

The product is quite viscous and should be applied to the leather with the use of a spatula. The product is spread over the cracking just like spreading butter! It will sink into the cracks forming a strong bond with the leather.

Use a hair drier to cure the filler, which should only take a few minutes to thoroughly dry. The product will shrink as it dries so several applications may be necessary. Each layer can be sanded smooth so that it blends in correctly with the leather.

Flexifil is a white paste that dries slightly transparent, however with the addition of up to 10% Leather Colourant you can change the colour of the flexfil to match any colour of leather

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50ml, 250 ML

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