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Product Description

Leather Ink Remover will remove all ink stains from your precious leather surfaces. Specially designed to reduce damage to leather, the leather ink remover kit contains a mild blend of cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains easily, whilst causing little or no colour loss to the leather. If you have a stain on your leather, such as dye transfer from clothes we recommend using our Leather Stain Remover to remove these stains.

Leather Ink Remover will remove;

  • Permanent Ink Stains
  • Ball Point Pen Stains
  • Felt Tip Pen Stains
  • Fountain Pen Stains

Kit Contents

When you purchase the leather ink remover kit, you will get;

  • 10ml of Leather Ink Remover
  • 10ml protection cream to repair any damage to the leathers finish
  • Application buds & sponge for effective ink removal
  • Special lint free cloth to apply the protection cream
  • 1 set of detailed instructions

Suitable For

Important: Most modern leather surfaces have a manufactured finish which is easily cleaned. However, some leather is treated in a different way and is prone to staining. These leathers are Aniline & Pull Up Style leathers. If you have an ink stain on this these types of leather, you should use the Leather Degreaser to remove it. Leather Mouse works on all types of leather Leather Ink Remover can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interior to clothes, shoes and handbags. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain types, always removing ink stains safely.

  • Pigmented / Top Coat Leather
  • Semi-Aniline
  • BiCast Leather
  • Two Tone, Mottled & Antique Finished Leather


    • Never apply directly to the leather.
    • Always apply with drops onto the cotton buds provided.
    • Always dab or stroke the stain gently – do not rub hard.
    • As soon as you see ink on the cotton bud, swap to another cotton bud to prevent ink being returned to the leather. Never re-use a cotton bud.
    • If you see the leather colour appearing on the bud, stop and allow the leather to dry, then go back and inspect the results. If there is still ink on the leather re-apply the ink remover, and then wait again and come back to inspect.
    • Apply the protection cream to the surface and buff with the cloth provided to finish.

Coverage & Shelf Life

The Leather Ink Remover Kit contains enough product to remove multiple ink stains from leather. If the ink stain is fresh or on relatively new leather then the kit has enough ink removal liquid to remove a stain about 60cm in length. If the stain is old, or is on older leather than you can expect the ink stain to be more stubborn and you should expect the kit to remove about 30cm of ink stains.

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