Loew Cornell Value Pack Brush Set

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The Loew Cornell Brush Value Pack is not messing around! With the variety of styles and sizes it really is the best deal around. This set is perfect for beginners, students, and professional artists alike! These brushes will work with most media and they are great for fine art and craft work. They offer an inexpensive way to get started or to add to the brushes that you already have. All feature wood handles. Imported.


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Pack Contains 25 brushes:

  • White Nylon Shader: #4, #6 (x1 each)
  • White Nylon Liner: #0 (x1)
  • White Nylon Round: #3 (x1)
  • White Nylon Angular Shader: 3/8″ (x1)
  • Sable Round: 5/0, 6 (x1 each)
  • Bristle Flat: 2, 4, 6 (x1 each)
  • Bristle Round: 3 (x1)
  • Golden Nylon Wash: 3/4″, 1″ (x1 each)
  • Golden Nylon Shader: #2, #10 (x1 each)
  • Golden Nylon Round: #0, #3 (x1 each)
  • Camel Hair Round: #2, #4, #8 (x1 each)
  • Camel Hair Wash: 1/8″, 1/2″ (x1 each)
  • Chip Brush: 1″ (x1)
  • Foam Brush: 1″ (x2)

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