No More Odours 500ml Bottle

Urine Remover

Cleans & removes urine odours and stains caused by children & pets


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Product Description

This advanced urine cleaner neutralises and deoderises urine upon direct contact. It also neutralises odour from urine and prevents staining.

Use the urine remover to remove urine stains and odours from

  • Child urine
  • Cat urine
  • Dog urine
  • All other pet and animal urine stains and smells
  • All other urine stains and odour

Time doesn’t matter – the nature of how the product works and how urine lives means that it will eradicate the odour regardless of time. It cannot always remove the stain, depending upon what surface it has gone on.

Suitable For

  • Leather – Safe to use on all leathers.
  • Wood – Can be used on hard and soft wood, finished and unfinished.
  • Carpets, Upholstery, Clothes & all other Fabrics
  • All other hard and soft surfaces

Environmentally friendly and safe to use on all surfaces


  1. Spray the urine remover directly onto the contaminated area and blot with a clean cloth, mop or sponge.
  2. Allow to dry. Repeat process if necessary.

It’s that simple!

Our standard size (500ml) is more than enough to remove multiple urine stains as only a small amount is necessary

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