Small Self Seal Colourant Kit

Product Description

The Leather Care Kit for handbags has been designed to clean, nourish and protect all items of soft and delicate leathers that are used on luxurious items of clothing, footwear, handbags & luggage throughout the world.

The kit contains specially developed versions of our Leather Care Products that we have used & perfected over the years in our Handbag Spa, where we clean handbags for some of the World’s most prestigious brands.


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Product Description

The Leather Colourant Kit is not just a standard dye but an actual process, which gives fine results every time. Developed by professionals in the leather manufacturing industry, our Leather Colourants are not the standard dyes, but water based finishes used to give a long lasting, durable and flexible finish.

Non hazardous and non flammable our kit is easy and safe to use.

What makes our leather colourant kit the best?

We use water based colourants, a traditional technology that has been used in the manufacturing of leather for years. The end result looks like brand new leather. This is because the product is applied in the same way as in a tannery.

Once applied, your leather will look and feel like natural leather, it will never flake, fade or peel off.

How it works:

First you remove the manufactured finish from the leather with the leather prep. This allows the colourants to adhere and penetrate the leather, giving a sound base covering.

You then spray on a coloured coating for uniformity and to get a nice natural finish. The job is then sealed in with a professional leather finish. This finish protects and enhances the leather and stops it from wearing out.

Once applied, our colourants and finishes are so tough, you will find it difficult to even scuff or scratch the leather! This item is made to order and is considered a bespoke product.

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