Wood Teak Cleaner

Cleans, Feeds, & Restores all wooden surfaces to their original appearance

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About the product

  • Teak Cleaner is Suitable For

    Our Teak Cleaner can be used on any outdoor wood, where it’s effective removal of dirt, weathering and mould staining is not just suitable for use on teak but also for all hardwood and exotic woods.

    • Garden furniture
    • Marine teak and decks
    • Untreated, unfinished and bare wood.

    Teak Cleaners Coverage and Shelf Life

    500ml bottle of concentrated cleaner, when diluted as per instructions, will clean up to 72m2 of teak.

    The product will last many years when stored at room temperature and has a useable life of three years once opened.

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250ml, 500ml


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